November 16-20, 2020

Bonus Day Added - Monday, November 23  at 12-1 pm EST
Replays available FREE. Limited time!

SmartMarketer 5-Day Challenge

Get 5 Google Analytics dashboards, one each day for 5 days.
And learn how to use the data you already have to quickly multiply leads and sales!

Next best thing to a Google Analytics "Easy Button"!

5 dashboard templates applied to YOUR Google Analytics data.
One a day for 5 days.  

  New ideas to energize your marketing and you.

Google Analytics dashboards are your tools for our data treasure hunt 
to uncover fresh ideas to multiply your leads and sales.
November 16-20, LIVE 12-1 pm EST

Bonus Day Added - Monday, November 23
Facebook Live Replays available FREE. All sessions. Limited time!

DAY 1 – Treasure from a bird's eye view?

A quick complete dashboard to show you if everything's humming along as it should or if something needs your immediate attention. Everything starts from here.  

Don't worry, we're not having you build dashboards. We're giving you a template you'll have working in less than a minute.

Are you just starting out, or don't have access to Google Analytics? No problem! We’ll provide real data from a real site, your very own sandbox to play in. 

DAY 2 – New marketing pearls of wisdom?

Time to drill down now, with a dashboard showing historical trends and a real time marketing pulse. You say your focus is on social media? No problem! You’ll learn how to narrow the focus to only the marketing channels and campaigns you care about.  

DAY 3 – Which content is gold? 

Find out what content is works and what doesn't. What’s sticky. And what barely earns a ‘meh.’ Again, you’ll learn how to customize to see only what you want.

DAY 4 – More leads and sales?

Are browsers becoming buyers? Are lookers becoming bookers?  Keep an eye on your top products, quantities and revenue. Do you need to keep tabs in real time, especially with Black Friday coming up? You can do it!  We’ll show you how.

DAY 5 –  Is your website design helping or hurting?

Fast-loading sites lead directly to higher search engine ranking and higher conversions. But does performance differ on different devices and screen sizes? Let's find out!


Founder and leader of ClickInsight.
Teaching Google Analytics for over a decade to marketers, analysts & developers across the continent.
June’s teaching commitment is not to just deliver the information – it’s to ensure that you understand.
Teaching is hands-on and guided.
You will learn, do and understand.
That’s a promise.  
June Li
ClickInsight Corporation
Great Team To Work With – I have had the pleasure of working with this knowledgeable team as well as attending their training sessions. They provide excellent insights and communicate them well to our team."

– Kevin Dekker
UX Experience Specialist
"Great course –  I came away with great knowledge and best of all, many ideas for my business. The instructor moved easily from the technical details to the business impact. She made it easy to connect all the dots from both the business and technical perspectives!"

– Alicia Lok-Malek
Data Insight Group
Customer Focused Training – June is exceptional at targeting content to our needs and identifying any gaps. Our analysts highly valued the training as it focused on our specific use cases."

– Laurie Paleczny
Dash Digital Group

You owe it to yourself to get the data you need
make the right moves
to ramp up results.

It’s COVID-19. There’s never been a better time to take action for change.

Really, it's get shifting or get left behind.

The 5-day challenge kicks off November 16.
Join us each day 12-1 pm EST daily.
And yes, it's free to sign up.

Bonus Day Added - Monday, November 23
Replays available FREE. All sessions. Limited time!

Play all in.  Just 5 days later you’ll have the templates and the skills you need to boost your marketing results and shine like a lantern on a dark November day.

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